Celebrating Shrovetide: Lace Pancakes On Mineral Water

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Celebrating Shrovetide: Lace Pancakes On Mineral Water
Celebrating Shrovetide: Lace Pancakes On Mineral Water

Video: Celebrating Shrovetide: Lace Pancakes On Mineral Water

Video: Celebrating Shrovetide: Lace Pancakes On Mineral Water
Video: LACE PANCAKE 2023, March

Hearts with curls look very beautiful and romantic. For children, you can draw something more interesting and funny to increase their appetite. Lace pancakes can be served in a very beautiful and original way, for example, decorate the holes with berries. Beautiful openwork pancakes with a pattern look festive!



  • eggs 4-5 pcs.
  • sugar 2 tablespoons
  • milk 500 ml
  • mineral water with gas 500 ml
  • flour 15 tbsp
  • a pinch of salt
  • vegetable oil 2 tablespoons + for frying

1. Beat eggs with sugar. Continuing to stir, gradually pour in the milk. Add salt and vegetable oil. While stirring, add flour and water in turns in several stages. You should get a pancake dough of medium thickness.

2. Make a small hole in the lid of a plastic bottle with a hot awl, pour the dough into it and screw tightly. You can use a ketchup bottle - at least you don't have to pierce it.

3. Grease a hot non-stick skillet with oil and draw something simple to warm up, such as a grate.

How to paint with pancake dough in a hot pan

Tip 1. Make sure that there are no lumps in the dough, otherwise one of them will get stuck in the opening of the bottle, and the pattern will not work.

Tip 2. The hole in the bottle should not be very large and not very small - about 2-3 mm in diameter. Thin lines, of course, look more graceful, but when turned over, such a pancake can tear.

Tip 3. Do not heat the pan too much, otherwise the pancake will burn long before you draw it.

Tip 4. Draw quickly so that the pancake is baked evenly and does not have time to burn.

Tip 5. More often connect curls together to make the pattern more stable.

If something went wrong …


Pancakes, especially lace pancakes, are delicate, and in the process of culinary experiments you may encounter difficulties. To avoid possible mistakes, you need to know some tricks.

Why do pancakes break? Most likely, you didn't let the dough brew, so the gluten didn't have time to react with the other ingredients. Maybe there are not enough eggs or flour in the dough, because when moisture evaporates from the pan from the pancakes, there is almost nothing left of them - it is impossible to turn such pancakes. Too much sugar and vanillin will also compromise the integrity of the dough, so don't overdo it with additives. It is better to add quite a bit of sugar to the dough and serve pancakes with sweet sauce.

Why do pancakes stick? A poorly heated frying pan can make all the pancakes lumpy, and if the pan is not suitable for baking pancakes at all, it is better not to use it so as not to transfer food.

Pancakes can also stick if no butter is added to the dough. In order for the pancakes to turn out mouth-watering and truly tasty, it is better to use high-quality butter. It's natural, no additives or preservatives, and most importantly, odorless!

Why are pancakes dry and tough? A large number of eggs makes pancakes harsh, although sometimes this is not even the case. Sometimes it is generally difficult to explain why you do everything according to the recipe, and the finished dough resembles rubber. There is an easy way to make lace pancakes soft and delicate. Immediately after the pancake is baked, brush it with butter, place in a plate and cover with another plate. Or place the pancakes in a heap in a skillet and cover tightly. The pancakes will sizzle from their own heat, becoming softer and more tender.

Now you know how to make lace pancakes, all you have to do is practice. It is quite possible that you will have to cook a lot of unsuccessful openwork products until you become a real virtuoso of "pancake weaving". Introduce your children to pancake creativity - they will surely like to draw funny faces in a pan with dough. There is still time before Maslenitsa - you can learn!

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