Textile Fridge Magnets: We Sew A Couple Of Lovebird Dolls

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Textile Fridge Magnets: We Sew A Couple Of Lovebird Dolls
Textile Fridge Magnets: We Sew A Couple Of Lovebird Dolls

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Video: DIY Fridge Handle Cover with fabric Scraps / Useful sewing tips and tricks #HandyMumLin 2023, January

I propose to sew a couple of little lovebird dolls for yourself or as a gift.

Since the toys are quite simple, I will only show the main steps.

My kids turned out to be about 15 cm tall, taking into account the legs.

For creativity we need:

  1. Facial tissue - 2 pieces 15 x 10 cm.
  2. Fabrics for clothes - 2 types (one for a boy, another for a girl) - pieces of about 15 by 10 cm.
  3. The filler is holofiber.
  4. Waxed cord (it took me about 30 cm for 2 pairs of legs + 25 cm for handles for both babies) - only about 55-60 cm.
  5. Wooden beads for legs - 4 pcs.
  6. For hairstyles - wool for felting or yarn of the desired shade.
  7. Felting needles.
  8. Neodymium magnets (I have thin 10 × 1 mm) - 2 pcs.
  9. Cosmophen glue or superglue for gluing magnets.
  10. Ribbons / beads / rhinestones - for decorating clothes.
  11. Acrylic paints to paint eyes and mouth, blush or dry pastels for cheeks.
  12. Sewing tools: sewing machine, hand sewing needles, large eye needle, felting needle, plain and zigzag scissors.

1. Pattern of my children. It can be translated from a computer screen or drawn by yourself, since it is the simplest. To scale, I photographed everything on a rug with centimeter markings.

2. Sew together fabric for the head and colored fabric for clothes (I have leftovers, because the pieces are small). The length of the stitch on the sewing machine is 2 mm. I ironed the allowances on one side, but on one half they are directed upwards, and on the other downwards - according to the principle of sewing patches in a patchwork, this is done to accurately align the fabrics at the seams.

3. Fold the fabrics in pairs face to face, matching the seams, circle the pattern so that the head and neck are flesh-colored, and the body is made of colored fabric. Do not forget to leave a place for turning inside out (it is better to put the marks right away, otherwise, if you get carried away, you can also flash the excess?

4. Sew with small stitches (2 mm) along the drawn contour, cut out, it is more convenient to do this with zigzag scissors, if you do not have them, you will have to make cuts around the circumference of the allowances. Be sure to make notches at the junction of the neck and head, and in the corners on the panties, cut off the corners on the hem of the dress so that the details look neat after turning inside out.


5. Carefully turn out the parts, straighten all the corners and iron. We cut the waxed cord for the legs, tying a knot at one of the ends.

6.Using a needle with a large eye through the hole for stuffing, pull the legs from the inside (after stuffing, it is better to strengthen the puncture site by dripping a small drop of PVA glue), put on beads and tie knots. We stuff our little men, stuff our heads especially tightly so that it turns out to be a beautiful round shape. Sew up the turning hole with blind stitches.

7. Here I got carried away with the process, but I think that everything will be clear even without photos? Using a needle with a large eye, insert the handles. The handles of our couple of lovebirds consist of one piece of waxed cord, that is, we just string one body first, then the other, tying knots on the tips of the handles and between the little men.

We make hairstyles either from wool for felting or from yarn. On the back of the head, with a felting needle, we seal the area for the magnets. I glued the magnets onto Cosmophen glue.

8. Draw faces, who likes what, I wanted to draw in the style of children's creativity?

We decorate outfits with ribbons, beads, rhinestones. I gave a heart to a couple in the pen, I have an acrylic bead, but you can also cut a similar heart out of cardboard and glue it to a thin wire.


I also got such couples - did I experiment with outfits and hairstyles?


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