"Hedgehog" - A Story About Vain Vanity

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"Hedgehog" - A Story About Vain Vanity
"Hedgehog" - A Story About Vain Vanity

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Dad was forty years old, Slavik was ten, hedgehog was even less.

Slavik brought a hedgehog in a hat, ran to the sofa, on which Dad was lying with an open newspaper, and, choking with happiness, shouted:

- Dad, look!

Dad put down the newspaper and examined the hedgehog. The hedgehog was snub-nosed and cute. In addition, dad encouraged his son's love for animals. In addition, dad himself loved animals.

- Good hedgehog! - Dad said. - Handsome! Where did you get it?

- A boy in the yard gave me, - said Slavik.

- Gave it, then? - asked the dad.

- No, we exchanged, - said Slavik. - He gave me a hedgehog, and I gave him a ticket.

- What other ticket?

- Lottery, - said Slavik and released the hedgehog to the floor. - Dad, he needs some milk..

- Wait with milk! - Dad said sternly. - Where did you get your lottery ticket?

- I bought it, - said Slavik.

- Who?

- Uncle's on the street … He sold a lot of these tickets. Thirty kopecks each … Oh, dad, a hedgehog crawled under the sofa …

- Wait you with your hedgehog! - Dad said nervously and sat Slavik next to him. - How did you give the boy your lottery ticket?.. What if this ticket won something?

- He won, - said Slavik, not ceasing to watch the hedgehog.

- That is, how is it - won? Dad asked quietly, and his nose was covered with beads of sweat. - What did you win?

- Refrigerator! - said Slavik and smiled.

- What?! - Daddy trembled strangely. - Refrigerator?!.. What are you talking about?.. How do you know that ?!

- How - from where? - Slavik took offense. - I checked it in the newspaper … There the first three numbers coincided … and the rest … And the series is the same!.. I already know how to check, dad! I'm an adult!

- An adult ?! - Dad hissed so that the hedgehog, who got out from under the sofa, curled up in a ball from fear. - An adult?!.. Are you changing the refrigerator for a hedgehog?

- But I thought, - Slavik said in fright, - I thought that we already have a refrigerator, but we don't have a hedgehog …

- Shut up! - Dad shouted and jumped up from the couch. - Who ?! Who is that boy?! Where is he?!

- He lives in the next house, - said Slavik and began to cry. - His name is Senya …

- Let's go! - Dad shouted again and grabbed the hedgehog with his bare hands. - Let's go fast !!

- I won't go, - Slavik said, sobbing. - I don't want a refrigerator, I want a hedgehog!

- Yes, let's go, you fool, - wheezed dad. - If only to return the ticket, I'll buy you a hundred hedgehogs …

- No … - Slavik roared. - You can't buy … Senka didn't want to change anyway, I could hardly persuade him …

- Also, apparently, a thinker! - Dad said sarcastically. - Well, quickly!..

Seine was about eight years old. He stood in the middle of the yard and looked with fear at the formidable dad, who carried Slavik in one hand, and a hedgehog in the other.

- Where? - Dad asked, advancing on Senya. - Where is the ticket? Criminal, take your thorn and give back the ticket!

- I have no ticket! - said Senya and trembled.

- And where he?! Dad shouted. - What have you done to him, usurer? Sold?

- I made a dove out of him, - Senya whispered and whimpered.

- Do not Cry! - Dad said, trying to be calm. - Don't cry, boy … So you made a dove out of him. And where is this dove?.. Where is he?..

- He sat down on the cornice … - said Senya.

- On which cornice?

- That's it! - and Senya pointed to the cornice of the second floor.

Dad took off his coat and climbed down the drainpipe.

The children from below watched him with delight.

Twice dad broke loose, but then he crawled to the ledge and took off a little yellow paper dove, which was already slightly wet from the water.

Going down to the ground and breathing heavily, dad opened the ticket and saw that it had been released two years ago.

- When did you buy it? - Dad asked Slavik.

- Even in the second grade, - said Slavik.

- When did you check it?

- Yesterday.

- This is not the circulation … - Dad said wearily.

- So what? - said Slavik. - But all the numbers agree …

Dad silently stepped aside and sat down on the bench.

His heart was beating wildly in his chest, orange circles floated before his eyes … He lowered his head heavily.

- Dad, - Slavik said quietly, going up to his father. - Dont worry! Senka says that he still gives us the hedgehog …

- Thank you! - Dad said. - Thank you, Senya …

He got up and went to the house. He suddenly felt very sad.He realized that he would never return to that happy time when with a light heart they change the refrigerator for a hedgehog.

Author: Grigory Gorin

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