25 Quotes From "Alice In Wonderland", The Meaning Of Which Is Revealed Only To Adults

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25 Quotes From "Alice In Wonderland", The Meaning Of Which Is Revealed Only To Adults
25 Quotes From "Alice In Wonderland", The Meaning Of Which Is Revealed Only To Adults

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These 25 quotes are from Lewis Carroll's legendary book about life and its laws. We begin to understand these clearly not childish statements only when we grow up!

  1. You need to run as fast just to stay in place, and to get somewhere, you need to run at least twice as fast!
  2. Everything has its own morality, you just need to be able to find it!
  3. - You can't believe the impossible! “You just have little experience,” said the Queen. - At your age, I devoted half an hour to this every day! On some days I managed to believe in a dozen impossibilities before breakfast!
  4. You know, one of the biggest losses in a battle is losing your head.
  5. Tomorrow is never today! Is it possible to wake up in the morning and say: "Well, now, finally tomorrow"?
  6. Few people find a way out, some do not see it even if they find it, and many do not even look for it.
  7. “Being serious about anything in this world is a fatal mistake. - Is life serious? - Oh yes, life is serious! But not really …
  8. I've seen such nonsense, compared to which this nonsense is an explanatory dictionary!
  9. The best way to explain is to do it yourself.
  10. If each person did their own thing, the Earth would spin faster.
  11. - Where can I find someone normal? - Nowhere, - answered the Cat, - there are no normal ones. After all, everyone is so different and unlike. And this, in my opinion, is normal.
  12. Just think that because of some thing you can decrease so much that you turn into nothing.
  13. No matter how she tried, she could not find a shadow of meaning here, although all the words were perfectly clear to her.
  14. If your head is empty, alas, the greatest sense of humor will not save you.
  15. - What do you want? - I want to kill time. - Time really doesn't like being killed.
  16. She always gave herself good advice, although she rarely followed it.
  17. - Don't be sad, - said Alice. - Sooner or later everything will become clear, everything will fall into place and line up in a single beautiful pattern, like lace. It will become clear why everything was needed, because everything will be correct.
  18. - And what are those sounds, over there? - asked Alice, nodding at a very secluded thicket of some pretty vegetation at the edge of the garden. “And these are miracles,” the Cheshire Cat explained indifferently. - And.. And what are they doing there? - asked the girl, inevitably blushing. “As expected,” the cat yawned. - Happens …
  19. If this were so, it would still be nothing. If, of course, it was so. But since it is not so, it is not so. This is the logic of things.
  20. Everything that is said three times becomes true.
  21. Never think of yourself as different from what others do not think you, and then others will not consider you not what you would like them to appear.
  22. Ten nights is ten times warmer than one. And ten times colder.
  23. - Tell me, please, where should I go from here? - Where do you want to go? - answered the Cat. - I don't care … - said Alice. - Then it does not matter where to go, - said the Cat.
  24. The plan, of course, was excellent: simple and clear, better not to come up with. He had only one drawback: it was completely unknown how to carry it out.
  25. If everything in the world is meaningless, "said Alice," what prevents you from inventing any meaning?

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