15 Practical Tips For Cleaning Your Home

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15 Practical Tips For Cleaning Your Home
15 Practical Tips For Cleaning Your Home

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MOST RIGHT start cleaning the room with a vacuum cleaner and only then wipe the dust. Otherwise, it will settle down again.

WASHING THE ENTIRE BATHROOM before going to work is unrealistic, but you can easily pour cleaning liquid into the toilet and walk along the walls with a brush in the evening.

IF THERE ARE PLACES where pre-treatment with disinfection and deep cleansing is needed, start with them. Apply funds and do other things. It is imperative to wait for them to take effect (1 to 5 minutes).

FOR CLEANING INACCESSIBLE SPACES - corners, recesses, grooves in plumbing fixtures, containers and household appliances - use a toothbrush.

SPRAY ANTISTATIC on screens and back surfaces of equipment and televisions by wiping them with a special napkin. Two times less dust will settle on them.

To get rid of unnecessary cleaning and airing of the refrigerator, ordinary activated carbon can. It will absorb all odors, and the camera will be "fresh".

BEFORE YOU START CLEANING your kitchen, pre-treat the surface of the stove with an anti-grease agent so that old stains can come off while you are busy with dishes and countertops.

15 practical tips for cleaning your home. Image No. 1
15 practical tips for cleaning your home. Image No. 1

So that there are no stains on the SURFACES, do not wipe them with chaotic or circular movements. Better - horizontal or vertical. If the surface has a complex structure, wipe it along the structure.

YOU CAN SAVE A LOT OF TIME if you replace a regular cloth with microfiber.

FOR MORE RATIONAL USE, the rag should be folded in four before use. Thus, as many as four working sides are obtained, which increases the duration of use and saves time.

DO NOT USE the abrasive side of the sponge to get rid of stains or light dirt as it can damage the surface! And it is generally better not to use sponges with green abrasive in the kitchen. Use white or blue.

ADVICE FOR THOSE who have just made repairs: to get rid of white construction dust on the floor, you first need to rinse it with ordinary water and vinegar (2 tablespoons per 1 liter of water) and only then using a floor cleaner. This will bring the surface to a state of perfect cleanliness.

IF YOU HAVE DAMAGED THE HOOD WITH ANY chemical agent, you can visually hide this defect. Just wipe the damaged surface with vegetable oil.

15 practical tips for cleaning your home. Image number 2
15 practical tips for cleaning your home. Image number 2

Dishware is NOT ALWAYS good at removing plaque from tea and coffee cups, and instead of white, they turn yellow. Regular baking soda can handle this easily! Apply a small amount of baking soda to the soft side of the sponge and wipe down the dishes. It will be like new.

IN ORDER NOT TO SPOIL THE PAN after cooking, in no case should it be immediately poured with cold water. Yes, of course, it will be easy to wash it, but later all the food will burn. So just wait until the pan cools down, and only then fill with water.

WINTER SMALL TIP: When washing your down jacket, add ten ping-pong balls to the drum. Thus, the down will not roll and your down jacket will not deteriorate after washing.

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