You Need To Raise Your Son With Love! Parenting Rules That Every Mother Should Know

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You Need To Raise Your Son With Love! Parenting Rules That Every Mother Should Know
You Need To Raise Your Son With Love! Parenting Rules That Every Mother Should Know

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Every night I tell my son, "I love you." And the boy, who is 7 years old, answers me: "Anyway, I love you more" … Some mothers are especially lucky, they have a son. The bond between mother and child is very strong, but in the case of sons, it is special

A person who was engaged in unthinkable things all day - he ran very quickly, played naughty, fought and was capricious, in the evening turns into such a gentle and sensitive creature that you can't even believe! This is an important point: you need to let the child know that his love is mutual, and the mother loves him no matter what.

Then a real man will grow out of a boy, not only strong, responsible and corresponding to the ideas of men in this world, but also able to love! But this is the main thing for a person - to be able to give his love to others and appreciate it.

These rules are clear to every mother, but even the most diligent parents should be reminded of these things. After all, the daily bustle sometimes erases the essence of what is happening - for the sake of what, in fact, we are all gathered here and for what we are doing everything. Remember the most wonderful moments that fall to the lot of a mother raising her son!

How to raise sons


1. Feelings turn into words

To help your child cope with emotions, it is worth teaching him to express his feelings in words. A healthy child is one who does not restrain his emotions, understands himself, knows how to control sensations and calls things by their proper names. Emotional tightness gives rise to many diseases! Show by example how to express emotions correctly and how to name them.

2. Support forever

The son's main fan is his mother, of course. She knows everything about his achievements and failures, remembers the smallest details of his life. Sometimes the son may be ashamed of his devoted fan, but he will always know that there is a person in this world for whom he is the most important.

3. Householder

Do household chores with your son, teach him to cook, wash, clean and take care of yourself. It will definitely come in handy for him!

4. Dance

Dance together and never make fun of your child's awkward movements. Dance is a way to get to know your body better and express your state through movement. It is an excellent therapy for bad mood and stress.

5. Nice people

There are many good people around, and each is beautiful in its own way! Teach your child to be receptive to positive examples, tell about outstanding scientists, travelers, writers … Belief in people is instilled from childhood. When she is not there, life loses its meaning. The son will still have time to face the negative, but to see the good in everything - this can be taught.

6. Best example

The superhero is mom. The smartest, most beautiful and kind. Always remember that you are the ideal for your child and correspond to him.

7. Faith

A person must believe in something. If you protect a child from religion, teach him to believe in goodness and justice, in karma. Faith saves from loneliness and despair and will be with the child all his life.

8. Tenderness

There are things with which you need to be careful and gentle. Animals, nature, small children and the feelings of other people are real treasures.

9. Things

Things break, deteriorate and get dirty, this is inevitable. Mom must take it for granted. An unnecessary quarrel about dirty clothes is useless, it is much better to teach a child to correct the consequences of his hectic activity.

10. Interests

It is very important to maintain mutual understanding with your son, and for this you need to be interested in what is interesting to him. This is useful for mom - learning something new, she preserves her youth!

11. Walking

Walk together more often, enjoy the beauty around. Teach your child to understand nature and enjoy observation.

12. Games

The son does not always have to win - let him lose. This is a rewarding experience that will teach him to think about life philosophically.Everything will not always work out, you need to earn a victory.

13. Help

Do not refuse help to your child and ask him for help! This is an excellent tool for educating a wise person. By helping his mother, the son feels useful and learns to help other people.

14. Practice

To achieve perfection, you need to work! Talents mean nothing without labor. Teach your son to be diligent and not give up without finishing it. It did not work on the first try - on the tenth it will definitely work out.

15. Questions

Try to answer all the questions your child asks you. Ask counter questions. The most important thing is to teach the child to find answers to all the moments of interest to him on his own.

16. Dad

Mom should let dad be dad! For a son, this is authority, you do not need to undermine him, even if dad does not always cope with his role.

17. Sports

This is very important for a boy! Choose a sport that won't be too traumatic, like swimming. Physical strength and health will help a man to be self-confident.

18. Kisses

Tactile contact is important for both boys and girls. Hugging, kissing, and holding hands are all about showing love. Teach this to your child.

19. Society

Take your son with you on a visit, on trips, everywhere. This is an invaluable experience that will shape his personality!

20. Necessary things

Never forget to put your tissues, antibacterial and patch in your purse! It is better not to leave the house without this.

21. Good manners

To be able to give way, to be polite and even courteous, to respect women are useful qualities. They will dispose people to the son and contribute to social adaptation. Always demonstrate politeness by your own example.

22. Reading together. Read books together

When the child is already reading on their own, it is great to just sit next to him and read his book. An adult's example is contagious!


Your son is the treasure of your heart, and he should always know about it. The boy will turn into a man, but he will love you just as much. Even in difficult moments, remember that you are lucky!

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