Laws Of Meanness-35 Patterns Of Life

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Laws Of Meanness-35 Patterns Of Life
Laws Of Meanness-35 Patterns Of Life

1. Neighboring queue always moves faster / Observation Ettore

2. If all else fails, finally read the instructions! / Axiom of Kahn and Orben

3. You need to start your search from the most inappropriate place / Law of search

4. There is always not enough time to do the job as it should, but it takes time to redo it / Mesquian's Law

5. Entrust the solution of a difficult problem to a lazy employee - he will find an easier way / Hleid's Law

6. Those who love sausage and respect the law should not see how both are done / The principle of sausage

7. Teamwork is very important. She Lets Blame Another / Fingale's Eighth Rule

8. You will always lack either time or money / Lerman's Corollary

9. The first 90% of the work takes 10% of the time, and the last 10% the remaining 90% of the time. / Project timing rule

10. Whenever you cut your nails, after an hour you will need them / Whitten's Law

11. The need came to knock on wood - you discover that the world is made of aluminum and plastic / Flagg's Law

12. All work is easy for a person who should not do it / Holt's Law

13. Who can do it. Who can not - teaches. Student Supplement: Who Can't Teach - Teaches How to Teach / J.B.Shaw's Law

14. Any order that may be misunderstood is misunderstood / Army Axiom

15. People agree to do work of any complexity when the need for it has already disappeared / Zimergi's Voluntary Labor Law

16. Expert - any person not from our city / Rule of Mars

17. Experience grows in direct proportion to the disabled equipment / Horner's postulate

18. Never Do One / Hardin's Law

19. The Most Interesting Exhibit Does Not Have a Nameplate / Jones Zoos and Museums Law

20. No talent can overcome the addiction to detail / Levy's Eighth Law

21. A person who has one watch knows for sure what time it is. A man with a few hours is not sure of anything / Segal's Law

22. What you keep long enough can be thrown away. As soon as you throw something away, you need it / Richard's Rule of Interdependence

23. Lost is always in the last pocket / Boob's Law

24. It is impossible to correctly determine in advance which side of the sandwich to smear with oil / The law of nature's waywardness

25. A hot flask looks exactly like a cold flask / The first law of work in the laboratory

26. Government Corruption is Always Reported in the Past Tense / Watergate Principle

27. The most highly moral are usually those who are farthest from solving problems / Alinsky's principle

28. Among economists, the real world is often considered a special case / Hongren's observation

29. For Reasonable Reasons Nothing Is Done / O'Brien Act

30. For every action there is an equal opposing criticism / Harrisson's postulate

31. Who Pays Least, Complains Most / Drew Professional Practice Law

32. It doesn't matter that someone goes wrong. It Might Look Good / Scott's First Law

33. An unbreakable toy is useful for breaking others / Van Roy's Law

34. All great discoveries are made by mistake / Young's Law

35. Whatever happens to you, all this has already happened to someone from your acquaintances, only it was even worse / Meader's Law

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