Little Tricks For Delicious Broths And Soups

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Little Tricks For Delicious Broths And Soups
Little Tricks For Delicious Broths And Soups

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Delicious broth

If you want the broth to be tasty, you need to start cooking vegetables in cold water.

Mushrooms in the soup

A few fresh chanterelles added to any soup will make it taste better.

Adding greenery

The chopped greens are put into the finished dish at the very end, the ideal option for preserving vitamins is to add the greens and turn them off immediately.

Cognac in broth

The meat in the broth will cook much faster, and the broth itself will taste more piquant if you add a few drops of cognac to the water at the very beginning of cooking.

Bay leaf

Never leave bay leaves in your soup. It is good at cooking and then at the end, and then only spoils the taste.

Ice in broth

Do you want the broth to be transparent? Dip an ice cube into it after boiling, and then bring to a boil again.


If you did not remove the foam from the broth in time and it sank to the bottom, pour a glass of water into the pan. The foam will rise and can be removed.

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Onion peel.

Decoction of onion peels can be used to color broths. This increases their nutritional value, enriches them with vitamins and improves their appearance.

Preparing vegetables

Vegetables are peeled or washed just before they are dipped into the soup.


Do not put any seasonings in chicken broth, only onions and carrots. Otherwise, it will lose its taste.

Clear broth

To obtain a clear meat broth during cooking, you need to put washed eggshells in it. Strain the finished broth.

Delicious borscht

When frying vegetables, add not only salt to them before cooking, but also sugar, as well as a little acetic acid, which will preserve the color range of vegetables, and also add a piquant sourness.

Delicious okroshka

Chopped green onions should be grated with yolks before mixing with slices. If you prepare kvass for okroshka yourself, then add rusks from Borodino bread or other black varieties with aromatic additives to it. Do not forget to add mustard to okroshka

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