"We Never Met Again." 25 Women Talk About Their Worst Gifts From Men

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"We Never Met Again." 25 Women Talk About Their Worst Gifts From Men
"We Never Met Again." 25 Women Talk About Their Worst Gifts From Men

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It is believed that they do not look at a gift horse in the mouth, and any presents should be accepted with gratitude. However, there are times when we are handed such that speech is lost in the worst sense of the word.

This happens especially often in girls. “With my own hands” I collected stories on the Internet about the craziest, weirdest and most bad gifts women received.


This crap took up one and a half square meters


Many people like to give and receive flowers as a gift, and some for some reason present their loved ones with plants, mushrooms and trees made of artificial materials. When it managed to become a tradition and what to do with this gift then - no one explains.

“I was once given for my birthday a two-meter palm tree made of faux fur with fur bananas and a long fur boa constrictor with a defective physiognomy. Considering that then we lived in a small one-room apartment, I would not even be able to lay out the sofa for the night. This crap took up one and a half square meters, and I counted every centimeter."

“At 18, my then boyfriend gave me a huge ugly plaster cactus. Then I thought for the first time, what was wrong with him. By the way, on his birthday six months earlier I gave him a good perfume”.

“I still remember how in the 3rd grade on March 8, all the girls were presented with dolls, calendars, and I was given a terrible foam rubber mushroom.”

As if this bear himself died a painful death

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It is believed that you need to give those items that you yourself would be happy to use. Some men take this too literally, presenting things that they like themselves, and ladies do not need anything at all.

“My hubby, on the eve of March 8, was intriguing me, they say, such a gift - no one will have such a gift. And here I am, all in anticipation of the diamond tiara, waiting. He closes my eyes, leads me into the room, and there on the bed lies a bear's skin, smelly and terrible, as if this bear himself died a painful death! Three months later, a moth started up in this skin, well, it didn’t have time to spoil anything but the bear”.

“My husband gave one of my friends a rubber boat as a present. My husband is an avid fisherman”.

“My birthday gave me a can for gasoline!”.

“My most memorable (and not very pleasant) gift is a set of tools from a guy!”.

And then I took it back

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Many fans believe that giving a personal item that has been in use means giving a part of yourself. Attention: in the event of a breakdown of the relationship, the present may be required to return.

“On March 8, the ex gave me a sweater, 100% wool, which he had worn himself before, but the sweater sat down to what he thought was my size. By the way, he was great to me. When we parted, he asked for the sweater back."

“Once my fan gave me a cast for a broken leg! I wrote congratulations there and pinned myself!"

“I remember that we were either collecting things for the move, or unpacking. It was then that he found some old gold dental crowns (sort of like even his). And joyfully demonstrating them to me, he promised that he would melt them into a ring and give them to me!”

“And a guy recently gave me his old shoes, which are too small for him, but he’s sorry to throw them away.”

“I had such a case. A young man gave me a postcard with poems of his own composition, hoping for reciprocity, but nothing came of it. So after 2 years he demanded her back, while he got me and my husband for more than six months, until I found her and returned her. To find this stupid postcard, I had to go to my mother and rummage through the school and institute archives for congratulations."

“For the 18th birthday I presented a set with anti-cellulite remedies”

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It happens that you want to give a person something unusual or beautiful. But here you should be careful, especially if the surprise is for a woman.Some things simply cannot be bought without consulting with the person for whom they are purchased. However, there are people who take such courage upon themselves.

“And for me on March 8th - a microscope. Real electronic, huge, expensive. Why, one wonders - I have never dealt with this and have not been interested."

“On Valentine's Day, an acquaintance presented a set of Chinese jewelry from the subway passage.”

“On my birthday, my boyfriend gave me glasses with a solemn air, but I don’t wear glasses and never did, and he knew about it! To somehow get out, he said that if I wear them sometimes, they will give me a solid look."

“I gave me one such set for my 18th birthday with anti-cellulite remedies. Was expelled, my girlish heart did not understand this"

“And they once gave me a sports suit, this warm one, with a fleece. At the same time, the trousers were of an eerie green color, almost like brilliant green, and the sweater was of some kind of red-brown. And to my question why everything is so different, he replied that the sizes were not suitable, I had to collect from different ones to fit."

“A set of cosmetics for mature skin. The boyfriend, you see, did not look at what he took”.

We never met again

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Sometimes people give each other something that becomes incomprehensible, but what, in fact, is going on in their head ?!

“I had a fan, he worked at the Ostankino meat processing plant. He courted for a long time, courted and once brought a gift: a beautiful purple box tied with a pink ribbon. When he left, I took two pork hooves out of the box with a smile on my face. This is the kind of love. We never met again.”

“A stack of five-ruble coins (I have a piggy bank, I collect piglets in it), and so, my happy miracle comes up and says:“I have a gift for you “and takes out a stack of piglets”.

“I was presented with an ant farm. This, you know, is such a glass box of sand, in which a horde of huge fat red and black ants live! They gobble up everything they put into this aquarium!”

“And my ex-boyfriend, with whom we were just starting a relationship, gave me an Iron on Valentine's Day! The main thing is that I packed everything so beautifully, spanked a big bow and told me to open it only when it leaves."

“Once a guy gave me 3 kilograms of onions. At that time, they were given part of their salary in groceries. They gave me a bag of onions."

“I had a lovely lover who loved to give me tulips. In principle, I love tulips, but the peculiarity of these flowers was that they had not yet grown - that is, he gave them as bulbs. Since I didn’t have a shovel in Moscow, happy and in love, I went into the yard to dig holes with a tablespoon”.

"One of the strangest gifts I've ever received was a bauble bracelet made from the hair of the head of the giver."

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Sometimes it is better to come without a gift at all than with a bad one, and then - who knows how the evening might end.

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