Leather Shoes, Leather Bags And A Leather Sofa - Put Everything In Order

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Leather Shoes, Leather Bags And A Leather Sofa - Put Everything In Order
Leather Shoes, Leather Bags And A Leather Sofa - Put Everything In Order

Video: Leather Shoes, Leather Bags And A Leather Sofa - Put Everything In Order

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Everything is temporary, including the things we use. They prove every day to their owners: nothing lasts forever, you need to put up with it. All we can do is try hard so that the best moments of our lives last, and the beautiful objects serve us longer.

Scratches on leather shoes, on bags and furniture appear unexpectedly. It seems that we use it carefully … It's not scary if you notice an unpleasant defect on your favorite thing. Sad if you don't try to fix it!

There are some tips that will magically help repair damage to your skin. Save them! It is possible that you take a closer look at the boots and notice the inexorable traces of time on their surface …

'shoe scratches photo
'shoe scratches photo

Shoe scratches

What if not just a scratch appeared on the leather shoes, but a real tear? It turns out that using nail polish or superglue can fix the problem incredibly easily.


    1. Apply varnish or superglue to a match or toothpick.
    2. Lubricate the problem area from the inside.
    3. Press the glued area with a piece of cloth, hold for 3-4 minutes so that the leather film adheres well to the skin.
    4. If there is a scratch, fill it with superglue again. Then apply on the damaged surface several layers of paint that matches the color. Acrylic paints are well suited for this purpose. Done, not a trace left!
'scratches on leather shoes
'scratches on leather shoes


  1. Deep scratches on leather shoes can be removed with wax or paraffin.
  2. Heat wax or paraffin wax and apply gently to damaged skin.
  3. Once the wax has hardened, wipe the area well with a flannel cloth and paint over the problem area with shoe polish.

    'shoe scratches photo
    'shoe scratches photo

Leather furniture, alas, is also often damaged. Restoration of leather furniture resembles the process of restoring shoes, but there are tricks here!


  1. Apply some olive oil to the scratch and the area around it. It is important to do this in a circular motion, smoothly and gradually.
  2. Let the oil soak in and dry completely.
  3. If the scratch is still there, try the next trick! First, apply olive oil to the injured area. Then dampen a cotton cloth with a little water and apply the cloth to the scratch.
  4. Place a warm iron on the fabric: the heat will help the oil penetrate deep into the skin and thus "heal" the scratch.
  5. To mask the damaged area completely, apply a suitable shade of shoe polish to the problem area with a cotton swab. Remove any remaining cream with a sponge.

    'scratches on leather furniture
    'scratches on leather furniture


  1. Dissolve mild soap in warm water, wipe the scratch on the patent shoe with soapy water.
  2. Wipe the garment dry and dry completely.
  3. Apply color-matched nail polish to the scratch. One layer will be enough.

    'scratches on patent shoes
    'scratches on patent shoes

Lacquered shoes are delicate and can easily crack. To prevent defects, you should properly care for it. Never hard brushed three patent shoes, and do not expose them to too high or low temperatures.

If your shoes get wet, wipe them off immediately with a dry cloth. It is also recommended to wipe patent leather shoes once a week. petroleum jelly or glycerinapplied to the sponge. This will prevent scratches and cracks!

'patent leather shoes
'patent leather shoes

This is a detailed instruction on how to remove scratches on leather goods. After watching this video, you immediately want to go and put your things in order.

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