Fur Vest For Girls. Pattern

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Fur Vest For Girls. Pattern
Fur Vest For Girls. Pattern

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Video: Sew a Fur Vest- Fashion Sewing Video Tutorial Free Pattern 2023, January

Sew a fur vest for a girl with your own hands.

I offer simple patterns of a fur vest for a girl in three sizes (104, 110, 116):

Please note that the dimensions in the diagrams are recommended. Measure your child in the clothes that you plan to wear the vest on. An important measure of the circumference of the chest (OG). Compare your measurements with the values ​​on the patterns. If necessary, add / reduce 1-2 cm to the backrest width and shelf width.

You can also change the length of the product.

1.Fur vest for girls height 100-104, back length 35 cm.

2.Fur vest for girls height 110, back length 37 cm

3.Fur vest for size 116, back length 40 cm.

A cute fur vest for a young fashionista, moreover, sewn by the caring hands of a mother or grandmother, is, undoubtedly, a little thing from the "you can't buy anywhere" series.

There will be no indifferent people, be sure to sew!

You can use pieces of fur from old fur coats, or even better, buy a piece of faux fur. Now on sale you can find excellent fur in bright colors. It is lightweight, easy to wash and sewn without problems.

It is very simple to calculate the fur consumption: the desired length of the vest plus 5 cm.

Quilted vests can also be sewn using the same patterns - just like for girls. so for boys.

Please note that the shelves do not have an overlap. Sew on hooks and loops, use a waistband, or sew on a zipper. If you need a button or snap fastener, then add a 1.5 cm allowance for the fastener on both parts of the shelf.

How to cut a fur vest:

fur details with 1.2 cm seam allowances:

back -1 piece with a fold

shelves - 2 parts.

lining details with 0.7 cm seam allowances

For lining, take a beautiful chintz, cozy flannel, viscose lining or a thin ready-made stitch on a padding polyester. Do not make the lining too warm and thick, keep the flexibility and lightness of the product.


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