7 Rules And Tricks Of Home Manicure

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7 Rules And Tricks Of Home Manicure
7 Rules And Tricks Of Home Manicure

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We remembered the secrets that will allow you to spend less time and money on trips to nail salons. Or stop them altogether. The editorial board expresses sympathy for the masters who may be left without work, but hopes that our advice will make life easier for the readers.

1. Clean twice

We love nail polish removers, which add moisturizing and nourishing ingredients - they really remove polish softer than others and do not spoil nails so much. But here's the trick: if you use such a remover, you need to additionally degrease the nail before applying the varnish, because these very moisturizing and nourishing components leave a film on the nail that prevents the manicure from lasting. Any liquid containing alcohol is suitable for this, or you can simply wash your hands with soap and warm water.

2. Leave the cuticle alone

The process of switching to unedged manicure doesn't really require any effort. Except for one nuance: you need to withstand and not touch anything for about 2-3 weeks, until the body realizes that nothing is threatening its cuticle anymore and will not stop increasing it at the Stakhanovian pace. Because the more you cut, the more actively the skin restores everything that has been lost in reserve. In the process of training calmness at this time, you should actively take care of your nails, use moisturizing and nourishing oils, and carefully clean off the burrs with a soft edge of a file or a special buffer, and not cut off with scissors.

3. Make baths

Here are some recipes. A sea salt bath helps to strengthen thin and soft nails, you can add a couple of drops of iodine to it. For whitening nails, it is good to use lemon juice or add the juice of half a lemon to soapy water. More aggressive methods are a toothpaste nail mask (yes, it does work) or a baking soda / hydrogen peroxide bath (combined 2 to 1). Baths with warm oil nourish dry nails and make them more elastic and therefore less brittle.

4. Use a file for sanding

The smoother the surface of the nails becomes, the better the varnish "adheres" to it, lasts longer and smoother. Therefore, smooth files for grinding in the arsenal should be a must. But remember not to use them too often - ideally no more than once every two weeks. Remember this is quite simple: if you do a manicure on weekends, then you need to use such a nail file every other time.

5. Do not cut

In the process of cutting, the nail is usually transformed and thereby exfoliates - since the shape of the free edge is semicircular, and the scissors and tweezers are absolutely even, it is almost impossible to avoid this. Therefore, it is better to use a simple and ingenious trick: if you do not cut off long nails, but file them off, then the nails will not bend and break in the process, and the free edge will remain "sealed" all the time. This means your nails will be less brittle and brittle between home treatments. And in order for things to go faster, you need two files - coarse-grained and fine-grained, which will complete what you started and align the edge of the nail to perfect smoothness.

6. Wear gloves

Any household chores are best done with gloves. Especially those that are associated with the use of water and detergents - they are aggressive and not only spoil the nails, but also dry out the skin of the hands. It is worth remembering that in this area, losses can be irreparable: after all, you cannot apply makeup on your hands and hide the wrinkles between the thumb and palm. Only constant care works here.

7. Apply the varnish in two steps

There is hardly anyone who has never painted his nails at night in his life and has not woken up in the morning with prints of sheets on his nails. And this is understandable - in the evenings we most often have free time, which can be spent, among other things, on repainting nails.In not the most critical situations, the top can correct the situation, which smoothes the surface of the varnish. But it is quite simple to avoid a disaster: apply one coat of varnish in the evening, and the second in the morning. One layer of varnish dries completely in just a few minutes, unlike several, so this technique will not bring temporary losses. And confidence in the durability and smoothness of the coating will definitely add.

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