Don't Throw Away The Tangerine Peels! They Have Useful Uses

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Don't Throw Away The Tangerine Peels! They Have Useful Uses
Don't Throw Away The Tangerine Peels! They Have Useful Uses

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The season of bright, sunny and fragrant tangerines has come! This New Year's fruit is very useful - it quenches thirst well, saturates the body with vitamin C, and also helps to lower the temperature in case of colds, and the phytoncidal properties of tangerines help fight microbes.

In addition, it has been proven that tangerines have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, preventing atherosclerosis and the deposition of "bad" cholesterol on the walls of blood vessels. To get the most out of the fruit, it should be eaten with a white mesh that wraps around the fruit slices!

But it is no less interesting to use tangerine peels.

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Tangerine peels for health

  • If you are tortured colds and bronchitis, take three tablespoons of tangerine peels, pour two glasses of very hot water, let it brew for a couple of hours and then strain. Add some honey and drink this infusion throughout the day.
  • Elevated blood sugar will help normalize the tangerine peel decoction. Take one liter of water, boil the peel of three tangerines in it and take 30 ml several times a day.
  • Spiritual infusion of mandarin peels boosts immunityand also improves appetite and digestion. Pour a glass of vodka over the peel of one tangerine and leave in a dark place for a week. Take 20 drops 3 times daily before meals.

Tangerine peels for beauty

  • The most common recipe is tangerine peel tonic… Pour the peel of one tangerine with a glass of cold drinking or mineral water, let it brew for a day and wipe your face with this tonic several times a day. It allows you to get rid of blackheads and helps to tighten loose skin.
  • Tangerine peel scrub will improve mood, give the skin a pleasant aroma and a good look. Grind the dried peel in a blender to a powder and store in a glass jar. Pour the required amount with water to a state of gruel and use it as a regular scrub.
  • With dried tangerine peels, you can simply wash your body by soaking them in hot water.
  • The tangerine peel is also very beneficial for the nails. Just wipe your nails with it every time you eat tangerine - it whitens and strengthens your nails well. And besides, it helps to fight some species nail fungus.

Tangerine peels in cooking

  • Tangerine peel yields excellent candied fruits and jam… It can also be simply added to tea for flavor.
  • Dried and shredded tangerine peels can be add to meat when frying, they give an unusual and original taste.
  • Mandarin peels can be added to pastries, decorate cakes with them or make liquor from them.

Tangerine peels for decoration

  • You can cut various figures from mandarin peels, combine them into beads, garlands, pendants and decorate the house for the holiday.
  • Real tangerine roses or other flowers are created from carefully cut peels in a circle.
  • Dried crusts can be varnished, painted, made into three-dimensional paintings or various crafts.

Tangerine peels in everyday life

  • Of course, the most common household use of mandarin peel is aromatization of premises… Just spread the crusts around the apartment wherever you like and enjoy the scent.
  • Dry tangerine skins are placed in wardrobes to prevent moths from appearing.
  • Putting tangerine peels in places where cats like to tag will wean them from this habit.
  • Dried tangerine peels can also help light the stove or fireplace.

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