28 Culinary Tricks Are Worth Their Weight In Gold

Cooking 2023
28 Culinary Tricks Are Worth Their Weight In Gold
28 Culinary Tricks Are Worth Their Weight In Gold

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1. If you did not remove the foam from the broth in time and it sank to the bottom, pour a glass of water into the pan. The foam will rise and can be removed.

2. Do not put any seasonings in chicken broth, only onions and carrots. Otherwise, it will lose its taste.

3. Never leave bay leaves in the soup. It is good when boiled, and then only spoils the taste.

4. Chops will be softer if they are smeared with a mixture of vinegar and vegetable oil 1-2 hours before frying. Do the same for the grilled meats.

5. For delicious juicy patties, add equal amounts of finely chopped raw and lightly fried onions and some raw potatoes to the minced meat.

6. The first minute of frying the cutlets, the fire should be strong so that the crust seizes and does not allow the juice to flow out. But then you need to bring the heat to medium and, turning the cutlets, increase it again for half a minute.

7. The fish will not fall into pieces and will acquire a golden crust if wiped with a towel 10-15 minutes before frying and immediately salted.

8. A few fresh chanterelles added to any soup will make it taste better. Mushrooms in dishes are tastier the finer they are cut.

9. Stir the grated raw potatoes immediately with a little milk, otherwise they will turn blue.

10. Old potatoes will become tastier if you add a spoonful of vinegar, 2-3 cloves of garlic and bay leaves during cooking, or boil them in broth. The older the potatoes, the more water is required.

11. It is better to beat mashed potatoes by hand. Whipped in a mixer becomes fluffy, but quickly loses its flavor.

12. Yeast dough will be soft and airy if you add cooled boiled potatoes, grated on a fine grater, to it.

13. Butter does not darken during frying, if the hot frying pan is pre-greased with vegetable oil.

14. The dough will come up faster if you stick a few sticks of tubular pasta into it.

15. To get a light and fluffy cream, when whipping with a whisk, you need to describe the eights and from time to time circles along the walls of the dishes.

16. Products made from unleavened dough will be crumbly, airy, if you add a spoonful of cognac to the dough.

17. If you want the beans not to darken during cooking, cook them in an open saucepan.

18. To avoid splashing oil, lightly sprinkle the bottom of the pan with salt before frying.

19. In sauerkraut salad instead of apples, you can put slices of oranges or tangerines.

20. Vegetable oil should be added to the salad only after the salad has been salted, vinegar and pepper have been added (salt does not dissolve in oil). -Salad with mayonnaise and vinaigrette will acquire a particularly pleasant taste if you put a lemon peel in them for a short time before serving.

21. If you want the vinaigrette to acquire a delicate and pleasant taste, pour a tablespoon of milk into it and add a teaspoon of granulated sugar.

22. To obtain a clear meat broth during cooking, you need to put washed eggshells in it. Strain the finished broth.

23. Decoction of onion peel can be used to color broths. This increases their nutritional value, enriches them with vitamins and improves their appearance.

24. Old chicken will cook faster if after it has been cooked for 20-30 minutes, immerse it in cold water for 5-6 minutes.

25. To prevent the meat from burning and becoming dry, a vessel with water is placed in the oven.

26. To eliminate the strong smell of fish frying, put 1 raw potato in vegetable oil, peeled and cut into slices.

27. To quickly cool a hot compote, you need to put a saucepan with it in another, large dish, fill it with cold water and add a little coarse salt to the water.

28. When preparing jelly, diluted starch should be poured not into the middle of the pan, but closer to its walls.

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