How To Remove Odor From Shoes

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How To Remove Odor From Shoes
How To Remove Odor From Shoes

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The feeling when it becomes uncomfortable for oneself is familiar to everyone, especially when it is not possible to change something in the current situation. While awkwardness can arise for a variety of reasons, this article will focus on how to remove odor from your shoes. After all, it can ruin the mood not only of the owner of the shoes, but also of those around them. Most often this problem is felt in the cold season, although some people also have it in the summer heat. When we wear warm boots for a long time and do not have the opportunity to change them while indoors, our feet sweat and, as a result, emit an unpleasant odor. For this reason, you can feel uncomfortable when you have to take off your shoes, visiting friends for a "cup of tea." What you can do to comfort people who have such a problem is the ability to eliminate it or minimize it.

Video tips for getting rid of shoe odor

1. Take hydrogen peroxide, moisten a cloth or cotton pad in it and thoroughly wipe the inside of the shoes. If one procedure is not enough, then it can be repeated (and more than once). And instead of hydrogen peroxide, a solution of potassium permanganate or ordinary alcohol (vodka), which have an antibacterial and deodorizing effect, is also suitable.

2. Conventional shoe deodorants will also help eliminate odors. Just to begin with, you still need to wipe the shoes with peroxide or potassium permanganate, and only then sprinkle with deodorant.

3. Adsorbents - substances that absorb moisture and odor - will also help to cope with the smell. You can use flour or baking soda as such helpers. They just need to be poured into the shoes, leave for two hours, and then vacuum the shoes. Activated carbon is also an adsorbent, but it can leave black marks on the inside of shoes. So you better do not risk it.

4. Vinegar. Also a good odor killer. Soak cotton pads in vinegar and place them in your shoes for three hours (or even overnight). Take out the discs and ventilate the shoes.

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