How To Make New Cute Mittens From An Old Sweater

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How To Make New Cute Mittens From An Old Sweater
How To Make New Cute Mittens From An Old Sweater

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Do you have an old sweater that you cannot wear anymore, but also feel sorry to part with it? We have a great idea for you to reuse it. Turn your old sweater into mittens! This is a very simple instruction that will get you to cut all your sweaters into mittens soon.

sweater mittens

Just make sure the sweater is washed and dry and follow step by step in this tutorial.

Step 1: create your template

mitten from an old sweater

Turn the sweater inside out and place your palm on the bottom of the sweater to create the correct outline. The bottom of the sweater will become the cuffs of your mittens. Ingenious, isn't it? Circle your hand with a marker. Don't worry about leaving marks on the marker as the sweater is turned inside out.

Step 2: cut the mitten around the office

mitten by its size

At this stage, we recommend that you take sharp scissors and slowly cut through two layers of the sweater along the contour.

Step 3: Sew both pieces

we sew a mitten with our own hands

At this stage, we recommend that you secure the mitten with pins. This will keep both layers in place, whether you sew the mitten with your own hands or with a typewriter. Of course, the sewing machine will speed things up a lot, and in half an hour you will be wearing new mittens.

Step 4: the right mitten is ready

how to sew mittens

When you are finished sewing, trim off the excess seam as it can get quite bulky and will get in the way inside the mitten.

Turn out your new mitten.

As if they were made just for you? And there is!

Step 5: left mitten

sweater mittens

Repeat the entire process to create a mitten for the other hand. As soon as you complete all the steps, we suggest that you run outside and check the mittens in action. We bet your hands will feel warm and cozy, just like you once were in your favorite sweater. It will be even more pleasant to think that you made them according to your own standards and at your own discretion!

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