14 Great Tips To Help Your Shoes Look Great

14 Great Tips To Help Your Shoes Look Great
14 Great Tips To Help Your Shoes Look Great

Video: 14 Great Tips To Help Your Shoes Look Great

Video: 14 Great Tips To Help Your Shoes Look Great
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Shoes are a thing that cannot be saved on. Naturally, having spent a decent amount on shoes, you want them to last longer. It is better to wear one good pair of shoes for several years than to change every season, buying cheaper but lower quality shoes or boots.


1. Return the whiteness of the sole

Toothpaste is useful not only for the teeth, but also, for example, for sneakers that need to be made white. Take an old toothbrush and apply a small amount of toothpaste, then use it to scrub your shoes well. The same product can be used to clean fabric shoes - rub the paste into the textiles, leave for 15 minutes and rinse everything off with a damp cloth.

2. How to clean leather shoes

For leather goods, rubbing alcohol is suitable. It is sold in pharmacies, but note: you do not need ethanol, but isopropanol (this point can always be checked with the seller). If a stain has formed on the shoes, simply wipe it with a cotton swab dipped in this alcohol and leave it for half an hour.

3. Freshness of shoes is a guarantee of self-confidence

Before going to bed, pour some baking soda on your shoes and leave them overnight, and in the morning you will need to shake them out and clean them - baking soda absorbs unpleasant odors.

4. A manicure file is not only for manicure

Dirty marks and stains on suede shoes can be easily removed with a regular nail file. For the best effect, take a dry cloth first, try to wipe off as much dirt as possible, and then clean the area with a file. You don't need to rub too hard - a gentle scrubbing is enough.

5. Vinegar solution for shoes

Due to its acidic properties, the vinegar solution will not only help remove unpleasant odors, but also neutralize road salt. Dilute 1/3 cup of vinegar with 1 liter of water and soak a rag liberally in this solution. Wrap up the shoes with what kind of rags and leave for a couple of hours, and then wipe them with a clean damp cloth and dry them naturally.

6. Return the shine to patent leather shoes

Vaseline will help you with this. It is a cheap alternative to branded shoe care products. Wipe clean shoes with it, paying more attention to scratches and minor imperfections.

7. Oatmeal against suede stains

Greasy stains, which often appear on suede shoes, can be easily removed with oatmeal. Take some flour and rub it over the stain, leaving it on for half an hour. Then just wipe with a piece of cloth.

8. Stretching the shoes with a hair dryer

To make the shoes comfortable and fit perfectly on your feet, you need thick socks and a hairdryer. Put on your socks, shoes, and then warm up the shoes thoroughly in the hot dry mode.

9. Stretch the shoes in the freezer

Here's another way to stretch shoes that are too tight. But this time we are not using heat, but cold. You will need 2 ziplock bags that you need to fill with water and put in the socks of your shoes. Leave the shoes with the bags overnight and, after taking them out in the morning, let the ice melt naturally for 20 minutes.

10. Anti-slip sandpaper

To avoid slipping problems in new shoes, take note of the following life hack - as soon as you bought flat shoes, rub them with sandpaper. This creates an abrasive layer that will prevent you from slipping and falling.

11. Prevent blisters

Each of us has rubbed our feet in new shoes at least once in our life, but it turns out that this can be easily avoided by rubbing problem areas with ordinary deodorant.

12. Glue your toes when wearing high heels

It sounds strange, it’s true, but we women know that frequent wearing of high heels will eventually deform the foot “to fit”. Isn't it easier to avoid pain and immediately make the leg "suitable" for a narrow toe? An ordinary plaster will help … Of course, you should not abuse these methods, but for the "publication" it will do just fine.

13. Waterproof shoes

This advice is equally good for both leather and rag shoes. To make your shoes waterproof, rub them with regular beeswax. A very thin layer is enough to keep the protective properties for a long time.

14. Soothe calluses

If you do rub your feet, tea will help. But not inward, but outwardly. A tea foot bath will soothe tired legs, relieve puffiness, and at the same time relieve pain in rubbed areas.