Spruce Cones Salad

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Spruce Cones Salad
Spruce Cones Salad

Video: Spruce Cones Salad

Video: Spruce Cones Salad
Video: How to eat a spruce tree: picking and using spruce tips 2023, December

This salad is a real decoration of the New Year's table. Agree, the view is very original, like many New Year's recipes. And the taste is just delicious.



200 g smoked chicken

150-200 g processed cheese

3-4 potato tubers

3 eggs

1 head of onion

1 can of canned corn

nuts (any)


mayonnaise (preferably homemade mayonnaise)


1. Cook potatoes until tender. You can even wear a uniform. Then three on a coarse grater. We do the same with chicken eggs.

2. Prepare other ingredients for the layers. The chicken needs to be chopped, can be cut into small cubes.

3. Chop the onion. You need to do this quite finely. To make it not so bitter, pour it over with boiling water.

4. Cheese three. Chop nuts finely and combine with cheese.

5. Lay the ingredients in layers. It is better to use a flat dish for this. We fasten each with mayonnaise. We make it in the form of two rounded hills, imitating the shape of fir cones.

6. Layers should be in this order - first potatoes, then chicken and onions, then eggs. At the very end, corn and a nut-cheese mixture.

7. At the end, coat the spruce cones with mayonnaise and garnish with almonds, carefully sticking them in.