New Year - How To Meet, What To Wear And What To Cook

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New Year - How To Meet, What To Wear And What To Cook
New Year - How To Meet, What To Wear And What To Cook

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The most anticipated holiday is the New Year, because it brings with it not only a joyful mood, many gifts, pleasant communication and a delicious festive table, but also the main thing in the life of any person - hope.

Without it, it is impossible to look into the future, which means that everything should be done to ensure that success accompanies you throughout the coming year, so that all your dreams and expectations come true.

Where and how best to celebrate the New Year 2017

The Fire Rooster will become the symbol of the coming year. His likes and dislikes largely determine the nature of the events that will certainly happen to all of us over the next 12 months. Therefore, the best strategy for spending the New Year's holidays will be the correct meeting of 2017, so that the keeper is satisfied and favored all our undertakings. The Fire Rooster prefers to adhere to well-established family traditions. Therefore, it is recommended to celebrate the New Year of the Rooster 2017 at home, with your family and close people.

A noisy (but not riotous) friendly company, united by family ties, will certainly also please the eccentric and emotional symbol of the eastern horoscope.

1new year
1new year

What to wear for the New 2017 Year of the Rooster

The best color scheme for the New Year 2017 is red and gold. Do not get carried away by the neckline and transparent fabrics - such an image is unlikely to attract the attention of a sophisticated Rooster. The female image should consist of a neat cocktail dress in red, yellow, pastel golden tones, high-heeled shoes that visually lengthen and decorate the female leg, and accessories to match the main color. Jewelry made of gold (or gold), pearls (including artificial) will be a great addition.

Men can celebrate New Year's Eve in a less formal outfit. But if he came to visit arm in arm with his mistress, then you should correspond. A strict suit can significantly reduce the level of comfort at such a fun holiday, but meeting 2017 in home clothes or in your everyday look will look almost immoral in the eyes of the pedantic Fire Rooster.

How to decorate a house and a Christmas tree

The color scheme for decorating the house should be consistent with the favorite color scheme of the 2017 symbol of the Fire Rooster. However, it is also allowed to decorate the house with products of green and blue colors, which, along with red, are traditional for the New Year holidays.

Decorations from natural materials should prevail in the interior. It will be difficult to overdo it with glitter and lights, because the New Year cannot be imagined without light, colors, smiles and accompanying entourage.

The Fire Rooster, like many living creatures, will approve of the presence of an artificial tree, which does not diminish in any way the fact of his love for natural materials. Use tinsel of golden and red hues, this will give the heart of the upcoming festivities - the Christmas tree - a luxurious and elegant look, and it will perfectly emphasize the overall atmosphere of the New Year 2017.

To dilute the secular mood, you can decorate the interior with soft capes that go so well with frosty winter days, as well as give a combination of home comfort and a solemn event. The best decoration for the New Year 2017 is ripe red apples that match the favorite color of the Fire Rooster. Instead of a Christmas star, you can use a Rooster figurine.

new year
new year

What to cook for the New Year's table 2017. Table setting

On the New Year's table in 2017, poultry dishes, in particular chicken, should not be present. It is better to cook something from lamb, beef or pork for the New Year. All game should be deleted from the menu: ducks, turkeys, quails. Using chicken eggs as a decoration on the New Year's table is also not recommended.

The table setting should also accommodate the tastes of the 2017 symbol. Use a plain, light-colored tablecloth that won't draw attention to itself. But the dishes can be bright, better made from natural materials. Synthetics and plastics should be avoided this year.

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