7 Tricks For Frying The Perfect Potato

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7 Tricks For Frying The Perfect Potato
7 Tricks For Frying The Perfect Potato

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Well, how can you resist delicious fried potatoes with a golden brown crust ?! Everyone loves it, even those who consider this dish harmful and fatty) You can sometimes pamper yourself with such an appetizing, dear, favorite dish from childhood …

But not everyone succeeds in frying potatoes perfectly - it either falls apart, turns into porridge, then it is overcooked, sticks to the pan, burns, it turns out dry …

Today we are going to tell you a few rules on how to make delicious fried potatoes.


Rule # 1

After peeling and slicing, potatoes must be soaked in cold water. The water must be cold in order to draw the starch out of the root vegetable. If the water is hot or warm, the starch will remain in the root vegetables, and the finished dish will look more like a stew. The starch prevents the potatoes from browning, so you need to get rid of it by soaking. The younger the potato, the longer it takes to soak. It is best if it takes 30 minutes or 1 hour.

Rule # 2

After soaking, the potatoes must be thoroughly dried. It is best if you put the potatoes in a colander and then dry them on a paper towel. Ordinary linen will do. The potatoes must be dry because excess moisture will interfere with the brownish crust. And contact of water with hot fat can stain your apron or kitchen utensils.


Rule # 3

The pan should be hot and the oil heated on it. Do not spare the oil, the potatoes should be well immersed in it. Keep in mind that the beloved French fries are fried in a lot of boiling oil.

Rule # 4

Salt and add various spices only after the potatoes are ready. If you salt the potatoes during or before frying, they will release moisture, which will interfere with the formation of a golden brown crust. Once the potatoes are ready, place them on a dish with a slotted spoon to allow excess oil to drain. Then salt and add spices.

Rule # 5

Never cover potatoes with a lid while frying. For a golden brown and crispy crust, the potatoes must be fried in an open pan.


Rule # 6

Don't put too many potatoes in the skillet. Optimally 2-3 layers. Not more.

Rule # 7

Want to give your finished potatoes a spicy aroma and flavor? Then fry a few cloves of garlic before cooking in hot oil. After it is browned, take it out and lay out to fry the potatoes.

If you throw a sprig of rosemary into boiling oil and take it out after a few minutes, then the finished potato will have a pleasant pine aroma and a light taste.

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