Why Do We Need Laundry Soap? 31 Ways To Use

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Why Do We Need Laundry Soap? 31 Ways To Use
Why Do We Need Laundry Soap? 31 Ways To Use

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Despite the abundance of various household chemicals, you can still find nondescript brown bars of laundry soap on store shelves. Under the USSR, this soap was in every home and replaced dozens of household chemicals and personal hygiene products.

It costs a penny, but in terms of useful properties it will overtake any cleaning agent! And not only in everyday life! The spectrum of its application is incredibly wide - from cosmetology to the treatment of burns, fungus, inflammatory diseases, etc.


Let's see what makes laundry soap so unique.

What do the numbers on the bar of soap mean?

72%, 70%, 65% is the percentage of fatty acids.


The higher the number on a bar of laundry soap, the better it will deal with dirt and infection

PROS - In fact, laundry soap has a number of properties that are not inherent in other detergents.

The first plus of laundry soap is that the product is made only from natural and environmentally friendly materials, vegetable oils and animal fats, the soap is hypoallergenic and completely harmless to the human body.

This product is often recommended for washing small children's clothes and bedding. After washing, you can even water your house plants with soapy water, the water will not harm them, because there are no chemicals in the soap.


  1. Laundry soap is an irreplaceable assistant for a summer resident. Use it to clean all surfaces and utensils.
  2. Also, laundry soap has a beneficial effect on the quality of some fabrics, for example, wool. After washing woolen products with laundry soap, they acquire splendor and original softness.
  3. Then only cold water flowed in the shower, and they gave out household soap. But when my father came to have a haircut, the hairdressers were surprised: such thick hair - and absolutely no dandruff! Everyone tried to find out what he washes his head with …
  4. My classmate had thick luxurious hair below the priests. One that I couldn't comb myself. Everyone gasped after her, but I could not resist and tried to find out how she looked after them. The first wash - with shampoo (wash off the main dirt), then - household. soap. I tried! Six months later, instead of my three fine hairs - cool hair and 0 dandruff. I have been happy with my hair for 9 years.
  5. Someone of the acquaintances, on the advice of the teacher, saved the child from the beginning of a serious inflammation on the leg with the help of laundry soap.
  6. Laundry soap is successfully used to treat inflammatory processes (up to incipient gangrene).
  7. Even gynecological diseases are successfully treated with household soap (used for washing).
  8. Surgeons know about the amazing ability of laundry soap to replace surgical gloves (if you soap it on your hands and leave it to dry) - they say that then even with a cut during the operation, the risk of infection is minimal.
  9. Laundry soap is also an antiviral agent. And with this appointment, it is successfully used in the intimate sphere for the prevention of various diseases.
  10. By washing your head with laundry soap, you can achieve that the hair becomes thick and healthy (both dandruff and hair brittleness disappear). True, so that the scalp is not overdried after such a wash, you still need to rinse your head with an acidic solution based on vinegar or lemon juice.
  11. Laundry soap is advised to wash - at least 2 times a week - so that the skin always looks young. After washing, you need to lubricate the skin with an ordinary baby cream. Moreover, the effect of such washes, as those who have tried it, say, is better than the use of expensive professional cosmetics.
  12. Washing in a steam room with a birch broom soaked in a solution of laundry soap very well cleanses the skin: the skin is remarkably cleansed and then it seems to glow from the inside.
  13. You can heal with the help of laundry soap from the beginning of a cold.You need to make a soapy solution, dip a cotton swab there and treat the sinuses. Then (although it will be a little pinching for the first time) the nose will never be stuffy, and after 2-3 such treatments you will forget about the cold for a long time.
  14. When a dog bites, to prevent infection from entering the wound, it is advised to let the blood drain from the wound (it will also wash out the bacteria), and then either apply gauze or bandage with a bandage dipped in a solution of laundry soap.
  15. Laundry soap successfully copes with the treatment of fungal diseases of the feet. It is advised to thoroughly wash the affected areas on the skin with soap and a brush, and then treat the skin surface with iodine.
  16. After depilation, people also use laundry soap to avoid redness in sensitive areas. It is enough just to soap yourself once and there will be no irritation.
  17. Thrush and prickly heat are successfully treated with household soap. It is good for them to wash, it kills all bacteria and fungus such as thrush.
  18. If there are any problems in the oral cavity, you can treat the toothbrush with a solution of laundry soap and leave it overnight. By morning, you will be sure that your toothbrush is completely decontaminated.
  19. Laundry soap contains a lot of alkalis, which quickly and efficiently dissolve dirt and, moreover, have antimicrobial effect. It is not for nothing that in medicine, coarse laundry soap is still used as an antiseptic.
  20. This soap treats foot fungus. Just for 1 week in the morning and in the evening you wash your feet in cold water with laundry soap and the fungus is gone!
  21. Several years ago, my newly pierced ears became inflamed - just a black lump formed on the back of the lobe. I was already in the mood to take off the earrings and "overgrow" my ears, but my mother took the usual laundry soap, rubbed it with fine shavings, added onion juice and put all this on my lobe for a day. In the evening I took everything off, then I smeared my ear with alcohol for a couple of days, and everything went away. There were no more problems.
  22. Laundry soap is an excellent remedy for swelling. To do this, it is enough to dilute the soap in water and rub the bruise with the resulting solution. The procedure must be performed several times a day.
  23. Anti-acne remedy. Stir the laundry soap into a bowl, add water and beat it with a shaving brush into a lather. Now take 1 tbsp. l. the resulting foam, 1 tsp. extra salt and mix. Apply this mixture to a well-washed face. I warn you - it will pinch strongly, but this just means that the healing process is underway. Keep the mask for half an hour. Dry salt will remain on your face, brush it off and wash first with hot and then cold water. You need to do this procedure 2-3 times a day for 2-3 weeks.
  24. Remedy for abscesses. Mix equal parts grated onion, laundry soap and sugar. Apply this ointment to the abscess and bandage. This should be done at night, in the morning you will see that the wound is completely cleared.
  25. Doctors recommend washing with laundry soap once every two weeks: you will protect yourself from viruses and bacteria.
  26. From cracks on the heels and corns, make a bath of 2 liters of hot water, 1 teaspoon of soda and 1 tablespoon of shaved laundry soap.
  27. Laundry soap and rainwater for hair loss. Use only dark laundry soap to lather your hair. Do not use any other detergents. Hair should be washed 2 times a week. I've been doing this for two months. The result is great.
  28. If you anoint the bruised area with laundry soap, there will be no bruise.
  29. Laundry soap is a remedy for burns. If you burn your hand or something else (in the kitchen, for example, with fire or boiling water), immediately lather the burn area with laundry soap and let it dry. Not only will there be no blisters from the burn, but there will be no redness! Tested on myself many times.
  30. Cut from laundry soap 3-4 cm thin "candles" used rectally are an effective emergency laxative for pregnant women and the elderly.

From our readers:

Laundry soap has healing and regenerative properties. It even heals the damage to the internal organs.

A woolen scarf or any other woolen product is taken, rubbed dry or slightly damp for better rubbing, with laundry soap. The soapy side of the scarf is applied to the diseased area of ​​the body at night. If the disease is severe, then it is applied throughout the day.

In my practice, many diseases have been cured in such a simple way.

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