9 Ways To Tie A Knot Tie

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9 Ways To Tie A Knot Tie
9 Ways To Tie A Knot Tie

Video: 9 Ways To Tie A Knot Tie

Video: 9 Ways To Tie A Knot Tie
Video: 8 Different ways to tie a necktie . How to tie a tie 2023, March

For a true gentleman, a tie is almost a must-have accessory. Without it and the appropriate costume, some simply do not leave the house. You can tell a lot about such people just by looking at what color tie adorns their neck today and how it is tied. For example, the famous James Bond, who himself showed considerable snobbery in such matters, preferred not to trust the fans of the Windsor knot. The super agent believed that such individuals pay too much attention to their style. It is difficult to admit that the Briton was right in this matter, because Windsor is just one of many convenient and neat knots, nothing more. True, they should not be abused either. Fortunately, tie lovers have a rich selection of beautiful knots for all occasions. We will cover 9 of the most popular of them in this collection!

1. Knot "Balthus"

The history of this site is not so many years old, but first of all it is known for its large-scale size. The Swiss artist who invented it was distinguished by enviable eccentricity and tied his tie in an extremely clumsy manner.


2. Node "Cape"

A simple yet graceful knot that, when done right, achieves perfect symmetry.


3. Node "Christensen"

Variant with multiple names. Cross, Italian, square knot - that's it all. The name was inherited from the tie manufacturer Amanda Christensen, in whose catalog it was designated that way. True, now it is somewhat irrelevant. Modern ties are almost impossible to tie gracefully in this way.


4. Merovingian knot

Some consider it to be a sophisticated version of the Atlantic knot, others as a reverse version of the Windsor knot. He received his name not directly from the Frankish medieval dynasty of rulers. The knot is named after the Merovingen, the mysterious and incredibly stylish character of the cult "Matrix", on whose neck it appeared.


5. Node "Onassis"

The way that the incredible rich man Aristotle Socrates Onassis especially loved to tie ties. Good for relaxation, but it's better not to wear a tie to the office.


6. Node "Pratt"

It is curious that in America it is called "Shelby", and in Europe - "Pratt". The knot, of course, remains the same, but the names of its two inventors are fighting for a place of honor in the minds of the inhabitants of different continents. Became popular in 1989 and is considered an excellent choice for office workers.


7. Trinity knot

This unusual knot is said to be best suited for striped ties. An excellent option for experimenters, as it gives a wide range of options and forgives some execution errors.


8. Node "Four"

Perhaps the easiest among the methods presented here. Sometimes it is also called "simple" or "school", because this knot is great for beginners. It is curious that, despite its simplicity, the "Four" has a rich history, and until the 30s of the last century it was generally considered the only generally accepted option.


9. Node "Eldridge"

A spectacular, but rather difficult way to tie a tie. It is better for a beginner not to start with it. A new-fashioned trend that became popular only some 7 years ago, "Eldridge" looks like a pigtail. Get ready for the fact that it will take a long time to get it right!


I warn you in advance that all videos in the collection are filmed in a mirror image. Look carefully, follow the movements of the master's hands, and the secrets of tie knots will quickly obey you!

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