14 Interesting, Beautiful And Useful Things You Can Do In The Country

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14 Interesting, Beautiful And Useful Things You Can Do In The Country
14 Interesting, Beautiful And Useful Things You Can Do In The Country

Video: 14 Interesting, Beautiful And Useful Things You Can Do In The Country

Video: 14 Interesting, Beautiful And Useful Things You Can Do In The Country
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If it seems to you that in the village or at the dacha there is "absolutely nothing to do", then this is not true. There you can arrange such entertainment that you never dreamed of!

Every summer, the inhabitants of our cities huddle in flocks and leave their nests in an organized manner. Some move to distant resorts, others to the countryside to visit their grandparents, and still others settle very close to suburban dachas. Everyone wants nature, fresh air and sun. Everyone wants to take a break from these gadgets, the Internet and the completely distraught TV.

So that you and your children do not get bored and spend your vacation in suburban estates as interesting as possible, we have prepared for you a small selection of all sorts of attractions, improvements and other things that you can implement right in your yard or garden.

Plant lemongrass as a natural mosquito repellent

Lemongrass (cymbopogon), although it is a tropical plant, can quite successfully take root in our country, especially in southern latitudes. In addition to its interesting appearance, this plant can act as a natural remedy for mosquitoes. In a garden with such grass, you can safely spend summer evenings without the need to fend off bloodsucking.

My feet after the beach

If you are relaxing in the coastal strip (yes!) And go to the sea or a river, then you are familiar with the problem of sand spreading throughout the house after that. Therefore, make a special tray with pebbles, standing on which you can conveniently wash your feet with a hose.

Turn an old chair into a swing


All you need is an old chair, strong rope, and a suitable tree to make a comfortable hanging chair. It is suitable for both children for entertainment and you for an afternoon break.

Suspended platform

Children love everything unusual. They will definitely not want to get off such a suspended platform for a long time, because there you can swing, sleep, eat and generally live.

Home climbing wall

The climbing wall can seriously and permanently captivate your children, and you too, why not? To equip it, you need just a couple of chipboard sheets, strong long bolts and many bars of various shapes.

Mini water park

What can be fun about an old tarpaulin and a watering hose when taken separately? However, when you connect them together, you get a wonderful slippery surface on which you can roll down the slide.

Obstacle course


To find out who is the most agile and agile, you only need a coil of rope and a stopwatch. Yes, there is also a path somewhere in the garden with trees growing nearby.


Several water-filled bottles, a couple of balls, one straight garden path and your bowling alley is ready to go.

Pave the Formula 1 track

In the real world, a circuit car race requires a huge investment. In the world of your backyard, you only need a few building materials, a can of paint, an old tire, and other materials at hand. The result is a great competition venue for RC pilots.

Inflatable fountain


Swim in the fountain right in your yard. Dream. In order to bring it to life, you need to purchase several inflatable children's pools. You will also need a hose and water. You can find the rest of the instructions here.

Miniature farm

Not so long ago, the fashion for all sorts of agricultural games was raging on social networks, where users sowed seeds in their virtual garden, watered it, and reaped the harvest. Now no one bothers you to repeat it in real life.

Grow a living home for the kids

If you take care of this in advance and pick up very fast growing garden plants, then very soon your children will be able to spend time in an excellent green gazebo.

Track lighting

Various LED garlands can come in handy not only during the New Year holidays. When neatly laid out in the garden, they can illuminate your night paths.

Summer tent

And again we return to the topic of halabud huts, which all children love so much. In order not to torment your head by coming up with another design, just take a hula hoop, a few meters of rope and a curtain or sheet. Five minutes - and the summer hut is ready.