13 Unusual Ways To Use The WD-40

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13 Unusual Ways To Use The WD-40
13 Unusual Ways To Use The WD-40

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The secret composition of WD-40 is still unknown to anyone, but this does not prevent enthusiasts from finding new uses for it.

How often have you come across a household cleaning product that has its own Facebook page and numerous fan sites? What product was first used to protect space rockets from corrosion and is now sold in virtually every supermarket?

You probably already realized that we are talking about the most popular WD-40, popularly known as the "Vedashka". Its formula is still closely guarded, but this does not prevent us from successfully using its remarkable properties. Everyone knows that WD-40 can be successfully used to lubricate locks and hinges, unscrew stuck nuts, remove rust, and defrost locks. But the possibilities of this universal remedy are far from limited. Below you will find 13 ways the WD-40 can help you out in a wide variety of situations.

1. Separation of jammed glasses

What if several glasses are tightly jammed in one another? You can, of course, use force, but this can be somewhat complicated if the glasses are made of thin glass. So just spray with WD-40 and wait a bit for the grease to penetrate the gap. Then pull and easily empty the glasses. Remember to wash the dishes well afterwards.

2. Removing the jammed ring

Our bodies have the ability to grow and shrink, moreover, they often do exactly the first. If at one point you find that the familiar ring no longer wants to get off your finger, then use our magic remedy. A couple of drops of lubricant, and the ring slides off easily without any noticeable effort or pain.

3. Destruction of cockroaches and repelling insects

If you have tried all the means in the fight against domestic insects to no avail, then why not give WD-40 a try? Just spray on windowsills and frames, ventilation grills and doorways. Be careful not to inhale the substance, take extra care if you have small children at home.

4. Removing chewing gum from hair

This situation does not happen very often, but, if it occurs, it turns into a real nightmare. It is difficult to untangle a well-stuck gum, and hair cannot be cut, so we take and apply WD-40. Of course, it is necessary to protect the eyes and respiratory organs. After a while, the foreign object can be easily combed out with a comb.

5. Removing scratches and scuffs from the floor

No matter how strong your flooring is, sooner or later it will still form numerous scratches and marks. You can try removing them using the WD-40 tool. Apply in a thin layer, wait a few minutes, and then scrub the desired areas with a brush.

6. Removing tea stains

To remove tea stains from countertops, dab some of the substance on a sponge or damp cloth and rub the stain vigorously until it disappears completely.

7. Cleaning toilets

On the shelves of hardware stores, there are a number of different means to fight for the snow-white toilet bowls. But the real winner is somewhat aloof. Spray the surface with WD-40, brush a little, then rinse. No limescale or salt deposits.

8. Water-repellent impregnation for shoes

Your winter boots or boots can be made waterproof by applying WD-40 spray. It acts as a water barrier so your feet are always dry. Just keep in mind that not every coating can correctly respond to such treatment, so it is better to experiment on a small area first.

9. Cleaning and restoring license plates

Car numbers start to rust pretty quickly and lose their original appearance. The same wonderful spray will help to restore them.Clean the number of dirt, put on a badge, rub it well, and it will sparkle like new. After such treatment, license plates will be protected from rust for a long time.

10. Preventing windows from freezing

You cannot influence the weather and cancel the winter chills. But you are just able to apply a layer of WD-40 to the outer surface of the glass, and then your windows will always be clean and will not freeze.

11. Get rid of hornets' nests

Wasps very often build their nests under the eaves of your home. Such a dangerous neighborhood cannot but strain, so it is better to try to spray WD-40 in all such secluded corners in advance. Wasps will never stick there.

12. Removal of dog excrement

There are many unpleasant things in life, but cleaning the grooved sole of a sneaker or boot from the consequences of a bad step is something. Not only does it smell awful, but it also doesn't want to clean it up. It remains only to resort to the help of our universal remedy. Spray with WD-40, leave it alone for a few minutes, then simply rinse off under running water.

13. Removing traces of glue

If you did not use glue too carefully and stained the surrounding surfaces or even your hands with it, then you can put everything in order with the help of WD-40 liquid. It easily dissolves and removes even very strong adhesives, practically without a trace.

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