7 Ways To Understand What A Person Really Is

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7 Ways To Understand What A Person Really Is
7 Ways To Understand What A Person Really Is

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Can you imagine a world without cheating? Me not. I do not have enough imagination to understand how much we will lose or how much we will gain by stopping lying to each other. We lie every day, and the ability to bring a person to clean water will be useful to everyone. We consulted and came up with seven ways that will help you understand what a person really is.

There is a film called "The Invention of Lies". It tells about a world in which no one knew how to lie. Once, something broke in the brain of one inhabitant of this world, and he uttered the first lie. In order not to spoil the impression of the film, I will not talk further and I advise you to watch it to find out how our world could look without lies.

And since in the real world there are more than enough lies and deception, here are some ways to deal with them and bring a person you do not trust to clean water.

Observe a person in a critical situation

When a person has to act in a critical situation, he cannot dissemble or play. He has no way to use masks, and he will surely act as his instincts tell him to.

Look at the attitude towards service personnel

People who have been offended by life most often break down on service personnel. Waiters, cleaners, salespeople - they all get it. If a person whistles or snaps his fingers at the waiter, this is the first sign that your interlocutor is an idiot.

Monitor body language and intonation

Finding materials about body language is easy. Liars can be recognized by several signs:

  1. Pauses in conversation.
  2. Averting the eyes when answering a question.
  3. Changing the topic of conversation.
  4. They are justified even when you do not reproach them.
  5. Often touching the face.

Of course, do not overdo it and follow every gesture of the interlocutor. But sometimes this little cheat sheet helps to bring to clean water.

Gossip about mutual acquaintances

We love gossip more or less. And, unfortunately, we often do not know the measures in them. Gossiping about mutual acquaintances, you will see with your own eyes how much shit can pour out of a seemingly good person.

Lend or borrow money

And although we have already said that lending money to friends is the last thing you should think about, but borrowing or lending money to a person, you can learn a lot about him.

Take a trip together

Extreme way. If you are already thinking about how to bring a person to clean water, then going on a trip with him is not the best idea. But after spending some time alone, you will see all his cockroaches.

Tell a secret

By telling a secret, you test the person's ability to keep secrets. If you don't trust him, you can tell a trivial secret or a made-up secret, just to see if he will run to retell it further.

Have there been situations in your life when you needed to understand what a person really is? What did you do?

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