Magic Dots On A Man's Hand

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Magic Dots On A Man's Hand
Magic Dots On A Man's Hand

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Video: The art of misdirection | Apollo Robbins 2023, February

Use these points to improve your well-being.


Force activation point

If you bring the tips of all your fingers together, it will be in the fossa in the center of the palm.

If you feel lethargic, fatigue, apathy, drowsiness, massage this point.

Heat point

Located on the pad of the upper phalanx of the middle finger.

Impact on the point helps to warm up, stimulates metabolism, relieves anxiety.

It can be massaged in exciting situations, before an exam or an important meeting.


Point of the heart

Located on the cushion of the upper phalanx of the little finger. Helps with palpitations.

The point of sexuality

This is the stoma, located at a distance of 3 mm. up from the beginning of the growth of the nail of the ring finger.

If interest in the opposite sex is lost or sexuality has decreased, you need to unblock the energy flows going through the meridian of the ring finger.

Point with pain in the head

Located between the thumb and forefinger at the intersection of the bones.

Then the thumb will lie approximately in the middle of the life line, the index finger on the back of the palm (or vice versa).

You need to press hard here. If it hurts, then the point is found. Three or four active clicks and you don't have to go for a pill.

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