17 Stylish And Affordable Storage And Organization Ideas For A Small Bathroom

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17 Stylish And Affordable Storage And Organization Ideas For A Small Bathroom
17 Stylish And Affordable Storage And Organization Ideas For A Small Bathroom

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The bathroom must be in complete order. It's always good when things are in their place. This is what will be discussed in the new review. The photographs presented show the most curious ways of storing things in special spaces.

1. Shelf

Pallet shelf
Pallet shelf.

A small shelf that can be made from an old pallet is perfect for storing a hair dryer, curling iron and cosmetics needed by the sink.

2. Soap shelf

Wooden shelf for soap
Wooden shelf for soap.

A charming home-made shelf for storing a bottle of liquid soap will become not only a functional part of the bathroom, but also an original wall decoration.

3. Towel basket

An original basket for bath towels
An original basket for bath towels.

An unusual basket made of wood and mesh is what you need for storing clean towels. The mesh walls of such a basket will provide unobstructed air penetration, which is very important for a bathroom with high humidity.

4. Containers for small items

Plastic containers for storing small items
Plastic containers for storing small items.

Small plastic containers attached to the cabinet door are great for storing hairpins, nail polish, lipstick, and other essentials.

5. Shelving

Ladder rack
Ladder rack.

A rack from an old staircase is an original and budget solution that will allow you to place a lot of necessary things and will become an unusual decoration of the bathroom.

6. Hanger

Functional shelf-hanger
Functional shelf-hanger.

Creative shelf-hanger, for the creation of which you need a small piece of wood and old faucets.

7. Toilet roll holder

Stylish toilet paper holder
Stylish toilet paper holder.

The stunning wooden toilet paper holder is a stylish solution for the modern bathroom.

8. Organizer

Fruit basket organizer
Fruit basket organizer.

An unwanted fruit basket can be turned into a sophisticated cosmetic storage organizer that blends harmoniously with your bathroom.

9. Bright containers

Containers for ear sticks and cotton pads
Containers for ear sticks and cotton pads.

Glass jars with metal lids will protect ear sticks and cotton pads from dust, dirt and moisture, and their bright decor will turn them into a stylish shelf decoration.

10. Roomy container

Large basket for detergents
Large basket for detergents.

It is convenient to store powders, rags and various detergents in a large wicker basket, which can be placed under the sink, so that everything you need is at hand and at the same time does not spoil the appearance of the bathroom.

11. Box for flowers

A beautiful box for flowers
A beautiful box for flowers.

It is rare to see indoor plants in the bathroom, but they would not be superfluous in a room where there are often no windows. So, a small wooden box with several pots will be an appropriate decoration for the bathroom.

12. Door

Cabinet door
Cabinet door.

Want to refresh the look and hide the contents of an open cabinet? Make an original wooden door for him.

13. Bright shelves

Small shelves
Small shelves.

Make the most of the washbasin area! The presence of many small bright shelves will allow you to correctly place all the necessary hygiene products and add bright accents to the bathroom interior.

14. Wall organizer

Organizer from the pallet
Organizer from the pallet.

A regular tray with glass jars attached to it will be a convenient place to store toothbrushes, combs and cosmetics.

15. Towel rack

Homemade towel rack
Homemade towel rack.

Decorate your bathroom wall with a fabulous towel rack that can be crafted from a few pieces of wood and cabinetry.

16. Curbstone

Open cabinet for towels
Open cabinet for towels.

Do you think that in the bathroom you cannot do without purchased bedside tables and cabinets? But no! From ordinary wooden boxes, painted and fastened together, you get a unique and budgetary bedside table for towels and other bath accessories.

17. Towel holder

Wooden rack for towels
Wooden rack for towels.

Wood is a noble and versatile material. Therefore, several wooden shelves fastened together? will be a great place to store bath towels.


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