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I decided to make a simple salad, to please the family. Chicken salad. Moreover, there is just a little boiled chicken left, anyway, no one eats anymore. This salad needs pineapples. I used fruit from the jar, but the juice remained. Drink up? I don’t want to … Pour it out? It's a pity …

I remembered one recipe for a pie, it needs pineapple juice just. Made a pie. But for some reason only the yolks were needed there, but the whites remained. Well, do not throw them away ?! Put it in the refrigerator - I'll throw it away anyway.

I came up with it! You can make meringues. Easy, fast, delicious! I used lemon zest in the meringue. The lemon remains bald … If you leave it, it will dry out quickly. What to do with lemon?

Yeah, the sauce is delicious for a salad. Half an onion went into the salad. And the other half lies, looking at me. And where is her? You can prepare a delicious tomato sauce for spaghetti. I found a can of homemade tomato juice in the fridge. Half left. And what about the remainder? It's a shame if it disappears. She herself worked in the summer, closed. Natural, without preservatives, will not be stored for a long time.

I thought a little, decided to cook a borschik. But, alas, there were no beets at home. I quickly packed up, jumped into the store. I bought beets, potatoes, cottage cheese, sour cream, toothpaste, socks (at a discount), slippers (there was also a special offer), washed several packages, just in case. On the way back, I went to the bank, paid for a communal apartment, dropped into the workshop near the bank, picked up the shoes from the repair, bought fresh buns for the children to go to school for sandwiches at the bakery. I barely made it home with it all. I made borsch. I didn't notice if there was anything left. I fell into a chair, my back hurts, my legs are falling off, I can't feel my hands …

I think that's crazy! I wish I drank that pineapple juice !!!

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